Amirexx provides specialized services for live events  and B2B and B2C media.  Amirexx provides strategic and tactical services in three areas:

1.Creating strategy

2. Developing new businesses and  repositioning troubled properties

3. Maximizing current business and profits through selective cost containment, revised marketing and efficient processes.

Clients include public and private companies, international governments, and associations.

Examples of past projects include:

  • Developed business strategy and annual plans for B2B media company to improve annual results and added new revenue sources
    • Provided business review, analysis and recommendations
    • Researched markets and competition on new business ideas
    • Created and helped execute new business launch plans
    • Produced plan to expand physical events to virtual, add subscriptions, data, online
  • Wrote offering memorandum and identified potential buyers to sell global technology company
  • Created plan to maintain business during financial crises while investing in new products and markets for future growth
  • Improved processes in operations, finance, contract management while reducing risk
    • Contracts: Created checks and balances, real time data on commitments, expenditures, and risks
    • Finance: Created new General Ledger, improved budgeting, reforecasting, and tracking
    • Databases: Added data analysis
    • Crisis Management (business continuity and disaster recovery): Created processes and procedures to reduce risk and respond quickly in event of crisis
  • Transitioned marketing to embrace digital and social media, telemarketing, new partnerships while keeping most effective traditional components
  • Developed new business opportunities including identifying and preparing launch plans
  • Identified licensing, joint ventures, and acquisitions
  • Reviewed and renegotiated vendor contracts
  • Installed technology to improve productivity and efficiency

About Amirexx

Founded in 2009 by Margaret Pederson, Amirexx is a boutique consulting firm providing strategic and tactical services, innovation and marketing to optimize growth and effectiveness by addressing emerging customer needs, competitive changes, and disruptive technology. Pederson is also an experienced director who serves on corporate boards and advises on strategy, innovation and marketing.

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About the Founder

Recognized as a “Director to Watch” in 2013 by Directors & BoardsMargaret Pederson is an independent corporate director, Vice Chair of Xamax, thought leader on strategy, marketing, business development & President of Amirexx.

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