As a Corporate Director, Margaret Pederson brings her experience in governance, business development, innovation, marketing and strategy to the boardroom.  She initially developed this skills over her corporate career as an operating executive responsible for global businesses.  Pederson tuned them over the last twenty years as an independent director for public, private, investor-backed and NFP boards in services, hospitality, digital, industrial worlds.




About Amirexx

Founded in 2009 by Margaret Pederson, Amirexx is a boutique consulting firm providing strategic and tactical services, innovation and marketing to optimize growth and effectiveness by addressing emerging customer needs, competitive changes, and disruptive technology. Pederson is also an experienced director who serves on corporate boards and advises on strategy, innovation and marketing.

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About the Founder

Recognized as a “Director to Watch” in 2013 by Directors & BoardsMargaret Pederson is an independent corporate director, Vice Chair of Xamax, thought leader on strategy, marketing, business development & President of Amirexx.

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