NewsWriting and publishing articles is an important part of thought leadership.  Pederson writes extensively on timely board topics including Innovation as a Board Responsibility, Strategy Driven by the Board, Governance in Today’s World, Diversity in the Boardroom.  She also continues to write on subjects important in the media and technology worlds notably on how disruptive technology is changing the industry landscape and outlook.

Applying Best Practices from Public to Private Boards Family Business March – April 2014
Discussion on how family companies can add value by incorporating best practices of corporate boards. Specific recommendations were provided to improve processes and procedures in order to improve financial performance, reduce risk and enhance business opportunities.
Innovation and Risk Risk & Compliance April – June 2014
An overview of innovation as a board responsibility outlining its importance to corporations,the role of culture in innovation and innovation as a boardroom responsibility. It then discussed the role of risk management as it relates to innovation, and the process to manage risk while facilitating new business introduction.
Innovation and Risk Management: The Reality of Implementation Risk & Compliance September – December 2014
This article built on the overview and went into more details on how to create an innovation portfolio, aligning risk with innovation and assigning responsibilities. Topics that were discussed included creating an appropriate innovation strategy and portfolio, determining your risk profile and tolerance, aligning your innovation strategy to your risk profile and implementing the plan.
Innovation: The Forgotten Board Priority Agenda March 24, 2015
The Financial Times magazine for CEOs, Agenda, discussed the importance of innovation as a board priority. It described Best Practices and how specific companies are incorporating innovation into their board responsibilities.
Women on Board Women Corporate Directors Book Release January 2015
Lessons learned on board membership and committee responsibilities. Input on strategy, non-traditional committees, and family versus private versus public board practices.
Director to Watch Directors & Boards December 2013
Margaret Pederson is known as a pioneer; she has treaded into uncharted territory in her academic and professional life. She also has grit – a trait ingrained from birth.  Born the day after tax filings and 3.5 months before her due date, Margaret was the smallest premature baby ( of her generation) who lived… read full article

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Founded in 2009 by Margaret Pederson, Amirexx is a boutique consulting firm providing strategic and tactical services, innovation and marketing to optimize growth and effectiveness by addressing emerging customer needs, competitive changes, and disruptive technology. Pederson is also an experienced director who serves on corporate boards and advises on strategy, innovation and marketing.

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Recognized as a “Director to Watch” in 2013 by Directors & BoardsMargaret Pederson is an independent corporate director, Vice Chair of Xamax, thought leader on strategy, marketing, business development & President of Amirexx.

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